We know the encouragement brought by sharing the stories of lives, communities, and places changed by prayer and worship. Here are a few testimonies from some of the people we've had the pleasure of working alongside recently...

"It's been my conviction for a long time that the Lord has blessings to pour out on Chattanooga that He is withholding until the scattered believers across Chattanooga are united in prayer. To this end, I believe the Lord has raised up ChattHOP to serve as both a prophetic voice and a prophetic presence, calling our city to prayer. But ChattHOP has a practical value as well -- facilitating prayer conferences, and providing a place for church leadership teams to gather in concerted prayer.  ChattHOP is unique.  ChattHOP is an invaluable component of what the Risen Lord is doing across our city.  ChattHOP is at the epicenter of an earthquake of prayer beginning to rumble across Chattanooga."  

Rev. Grady Davidson, Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church (EPC), Chattanooga, TN

"ChattHOP is such a unique ministry and I think it is exactly what the city of Chattanooga needs - an organization solely concerned about uniting the body of Christ through prayer and worship.  An organization not concerned about numbers or church politics.  And if this city needs anything, it is certainly that!  I have seen it transcend denominations and differences and bring unity where it is needed the most.  What ChattHOP is doing for the community is so refreshing.  They are truly walking out the scriptures.  I hope other churches in the city and beyond will be as inspired by what they're doing as I am."

Lori Summerlin, Worship pastor, C4 Church Hixson 

“Chatthop is an incredible organization with a staff that is passionate about people and prayer. As a nonprofit leader, I have been so blessed by the work that they do. They have been a source of encouragement for me personally and my staff through one-on-one conversations as well as the facilitation of numerous staff retreats for our organization. At a corporate level, they have been instrumental in uniting the community through prayer to seek the shalom of the city.”  

Ashley Baldwin, Executive Director of Choices Pregnancy Resource Center, Chattanooga, TN

"ChattHOP is key leadership in our community, especially among Worship Leaders, for helping champion Unity and encouraging leaders who may feel isolated or alone in their church worship ministry.  I especially feel that this is important in this time of the Body of Christ, for young and new worship leaders to be involved in.  I am excited to be a part of what ChattHOPis doing, bringing together leaders for training up the next generation, and praying earnestly for God to move over our City/Region!"

Josh Gilbert - Worship leader/Artist, Chattanooga worship collective

“Prayer is one of the greatest privileges of Christians; that we would have direct access to God.  However, it is one of the most neglected disciplines among Christians.  ChattHOP is doing a great work in not only calling individuals to pray without ceasing, but uniting the collective body of Christ in doing the same.”  

Michael Savadge, Pastor of Student Ministry, First Baptist Chickamauga, GA

"Top Christian business leaders, such as those found in the groups Convene chairs, and even their employees, can seriously benefit from the unique ministry services ChattHOP provides.  Our people have come away from retreat with them more greatly energized and inspired to follow Christ, as well as finding themselves far more practically equipped for the serious and crucial spiritual discipline of prayer."

Thomas Lutz, Convene Chair, Atlanta, GA

"We were getting ready to do revival preparation for our upcoming revival, so I asked ChattHOP’s staff to come and lead our church in a night of prayer and preparation. We had never done anything like this before, so I was not sure how it would go over. I was pleasantly surprised by how our people responded! ChattHOP did a great job preparing us for a time of revival and renewal. Now I am attending a Thursday morning prayer group that is praying for revival in Northwest Georgia. I would recommend Chattanooga House of Prayer and their resources to any church in the Chattanooga area."

Neal Brown, Senior Pastor, Heritage Pointe Baptist Church, Ringgold, GA

Two years ago, I stood in the church’s parking lot where I was able to look over our little town of Red Bank. As I surveyed all the movement of the community going about its daily busyness I took note of all the churches. I prayed that the Lord would help me, in some way, to bring our different communities of faith together in unity. That very day Adam Whitescarver dropped by the church and told me of the work of ChattHOP.  I immediately connected with Adam as a brother in Christ.  Adam and ChattHOP have been instrumental and supportive in bringing the Pastors of Red Bank together to pray for the work of God’s church in our little town. Through our prayers we have seen God move in great ways in Red Bank and in the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas.  ChattHOP’s staff have been great prayer warriors for all our community efforts.  In fervent prayer, ChattHOP has pulled up alongside every need and projected goal of the Pastors of Red Bank.  ChattHOP is an answer to prayer. 

Pastor Jim Buttram, Red Bank Cumberland Presbyterian Church

I remember the first time I went to the Chattanooga House of Prayer.  I was worn out, depressed, and becoming increasingly anxious.  I walked through the doors and was greeted by their staff whose warm presence and calm, quiet demeanor put me at ease.  I just needed some quiet space to pray.  I sat down, took a deep breathe, and opened my ears to God.  That day, I stayed about an hour and a half.  I left feeling hopeful and at peace.  I have been back since for worship nights, seminars on prayer, and retreats.  I have met people from all walks of life.  It is good for this city to have a sanctuary for people to just come and meet with God all throughout the week.

Father Chris Sorensen, Abbot of the Mission Chattanooga

"And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: (John 17:22)"

Jesus desired that the church be one. It was His prayer the night before he would go to the cross. Yet within the Church, there are many denominations and various doctrines that have a way of dividing rather than unifying. Can anything bring us together to become one body? The answer is prayer. When we come together in prayer, it brings glory to God. Chattanooga House of Prayer is a tremendous resource for unifying the Church and the churches of Chattanooga in focused and deliberate prayer. 

Gary Jared, Senior Pastor of Stuart Heights Baptist church 

I am very thankful for the work of Chattanooga House of Prayer in connecting the ministry of Bethany Christian Services with individuals who are eager to serve the community. It was a beautiful sight to see the heartfelt prayers for the sanctity of life and then have people eager to connect with us for practical ways to serve families and children in the community. What a blessing to our ministry!  

 Amy B. Scott, MA NCC, Executive Director, Bethany Christian Services of Greater Chattanooga

I want to offer my endorsement for the great team at Chattanooga House of Prayer (ChattHOP).  I believe God has raised up this ministry for a “time such as this.”  While I was aware of this ministry, my experience with them went to an entirely new level after the terror attack on our servicemen back on July 16, 2015.  A number of pastors and leaders began to pray and asking the Lord “What are you trying to show us?”

A group of leaders were sensing the Holy Spirit was calling us together to pray for our city—not only concerning the deaths of our servicemen, but for the ongoing violence and gang related shootings that were increasing in our community.  ChattHOP’s wonderful team began pulling the various prayer groups together from across the city and the region, and as a result we held two large prayer meetings of approximately 800 and 300 people each from 50 different churches in the area.  These two events and the ones being planned for the future would not have taken place without the great team at ChattHOP.  Their efforts complemented the many churches and ministries that want to see a move of God sweep our city and our nation.  I know they will be a blessing to you in your desire to have a powerful and intimate prayer life.

Roger Helle, Executive Director, Teen Challenge of the Mid-South