Getting Involved with Our 3 Areas of Ministry

Through prayer and action, we seek God to bless this city and everyone in it. We pray for the good of Chattanooga.

Rhythms Chattanooga seeks the well-being of our city through encouraging, promoting, and cultivating, healthy spiritual practices (rhythms). This is done primarily in the context of retreats, trainings, and spiritual direction.

The Union Chattanooga is a community of creatives (musicians, writers, leaders) in Chattanooga seeking to build unity and celebrate differences with the hope of becoming like family. This is happening through building deep and real relationships, joining together to worship God and providing opportunities for creatives to be known, loved and celebrated.

Pray Chattanooga is a partnership of pastors and church leaders who pray and work together for the good of our city. They have cultivated a culture of visionary frienships and seek to serve the city in such a way that it reflects the character of Jesus.

Partnership in Prayer

Prayer is at the root of everything that we do. We would love for you to partner with us in prayer to see the city of Chattanooga transformed for the kingdom. Once a month, we will send you a newsletter letting you know the needs that we have in our ministry and in our city. Sign up below to receive these prayer emails!

Donate Today

Like all non-profits we rely on the generosity of others to help us fund this important and challenging work. We endeavor to make sure that as much as the money given goes directly towards our mission of growing prayer in Chattanooga. Donate a tax-deductible gift today.