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Hope: The Thing With Feathers (Part 1/2)
Hope. The word… we use it all the time, and for so many things. “I hope it doesn’t rain today.” “I hope we don’t have to wait long; I’m hungry.” “I hope we win!” “I hope this recipe turns out.” “I hope I meet the deadline.” “I hope to see you again.” “I hope you never leave.” “I hope they recover from cancer.” “I hope we can pull through this.”
What even is hope? Well, linguistically speaking, it can be a noun or a verb. An expression of emotion driven by anticipation, desire, wishes. Spiritually speaking… ready for it? It’s not just an emotion. It’s a promise.
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The Dungeon Flamed With Light
My story of being changed by Christ is not, so far as I know, typical.
I know a lot of fantastic people who give a narrative about how Jesus came in and drastically changed their lives overnight. They were addicted, angry, abusive, etc., and then Jesus came in and fixed it—simply a miracle! For these people and what God did in their lives, I really am profoundly grateful. They were saved the nightmare of having to desperately climb their way out of a pit.
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