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Hope: The Thing With Feathers (Part 1/2)
Hope. The word… we use it all the time, and for so many things. “I hope it doesn’t rain today.” “I hope we don’t have to wait long; I’m hungry.” “I hope we win!” “I hope this recipe turns out.” “I hope I meet the deadline.” “I hope to see you again.” “I hope you never leave.” “I hope they recover from cancer.” “I hope we can pull through this.”
What even is hope? Well, linguistically speaking, it can be a noun or a verb. An expression of emotion driven by anticipation, desire, wishes. Spiritually speaking… ready for it? It’s not just an emotion. It’s a promise.
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The Outrageous Reality of the Gospel
This question irks me: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” And if that question isn’t bad enough, there’s one that’s even worse: “Why do good things happen to bad people?”
These questions are the worst because they have everything to do with the idea that people “deserve” certain things. Good people deserve good things; bad people deserve bad things. (As if we were good judges of what people deserve?)
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The Darkness Is Passing Away
Did you hear? Did you see? Did you know? Death. Murder. Suicide. Divorce. Things are just going to get worse. We’re in a downward spiral. How are our kids going to survive? There is so much darkness. Everything is corrupt. The end is near...
So what does one do when the hottest topic of even the most well-meaning Christians is the doom and darkness closing in?
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