Creativity: Within Our Words & Hands & Thoughts

Written by Micah Joy Burke | ChattHOP Staff




What do you think of when you read that word? What about “creative people”? As a person that works with musicians, my particular lens on the word tends to look like images of songwriters, composers, abstract thinkers, moody artists, melancholic dispositions, and more.  You might have similar thoughts, or a completely different take on the word. You might think about Pinterest, scrapbooking, painting, DIY projects, or whatever.


There are certain kinds of artsy people that tend to come with the word creativity, but I would like to put out the idea that every human being is creative. You may be thinking, “No way, I only work with numbers… my three-year-old paints better than me… I couldn’t sing a melody to save my life…” But if you think about it, our creative God spoke out words, creating many things out of nothing. And He created us in His image, which means we were made creative in the image of a creative God.


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I spent a lot of time working out in my parents’ garden. See, I was struggling with depression, and being able to put my hands in the dirt, root up the bad stuff, create new flower beds, plant new things, and tend to them brought so much wonderful healing to my life. I found so many “life lessons” in gardening.


A few years later I was again in a difficult place. I went out and bought a bunch of acrylic paints and blank canvases and then, without any knowledge of how to paint, just called it “color therapy,” and painted colors on the canvases. I could feel healing and release of grief and a new sense of peace as I expressed my heart in this “creative” way. I still do this from time to time, and I can physically feel a positive change in me, in my body, and in my emotions.


I often look at my surroundings and think, “Wow. Man made all this.” Buildings, cars, roads, houses, electricity, technology, jobs, businesses, schools, churches, governments, on and on and on… man’s creativity is astounding! God created man so intricately and extravagantly, and we have been given this earth to steward and tend to.


As we go about our daily lives, we have within our words and hands and thoughts the ability to bring the Creator’s beauty to the world around us. This doesn’t just have to be with “art” or music, although they are mysteriously powerful and waken the soul. Creativity can look like creating a home environment that is healthy and welcoming. It can look like speaking encouraging words over a difficult situation or a person struggling under the weight of anxiety or doubt. It can look like ideas, endeavors, initiatives, movements that point to and reflect the Kingdom of God and His goodness and beauty. It can mean endless new life, because we reflect our Creator…who gives life and “calls into being things that were not”. (Romans 4:17).