It's Your Turn

Written by Matthew Macaulay Chatthop Staff

It’s inconvenient.

It will cost you money.

It will push all your buttons (the bad ones, that you want no-one to touch).

It will intrude on your precious alone time.

It will drive you crazy when you sit down in the evening and ponder it’s dysfunction.

It will rarely work perfectly and will occasionally cause you to lose the odd night’s sleep.  

But, you need IT and more importantly IT needs you!


Community may be one of the current generation's greatest challenges in today's society?

Maybe it has been a struggle for every generation?

Maybe it’s the challenge we all have of being human?

The temptation to live as an island is never far away. I know me, and you know you, and we know each other. Neither of us doubt our fragility, insecurity, or our desires to be seen and known; but, for some reason we doubt this word community - but it won’t leave us alone. It’s always around the next every room, coffee shop, golf club, school and church.  

Community takes discipline. Discipline to engage in it when you don’t feel like it. Discipline to see and know another when you would rather curl up in a ball and climb into bed. The discipline to welcome another family with a totally different set of unique contributions into your home for a meal in the middle of another action packed week.

Community takes initiative. Initiative to organize gatherings and parties celebrating milestones and accomplishments. Initiative to reach out consistently and communicate with others. Initiative to be attentive to the needs and struggles of those around you, and meet those needs with a smile, and a word of encouragement, or an act of service.

Community takes courage. Courage to share the real you. Courage to face your fears and bare your scars with others. Courage to have disagreements. Courage to forgive. Courage to know someone else’s brokenness and choose to walk with them anyway.

Community takes sacrifice. The sacrifice of time. The sacrifice of money. The sacrifice of your desires and dreams potentially for someone else's.

Community requires love. Let’s face it. Most things in this life come down to love. It is the greatest of all and the requirement of Jesus.

What I really want to say today is that it’s your turn and it’s my turn. The very essence of community relies upon participation. Your participation. My participation. If we don’t participate, then not only do we miss out on being seen, known and celebrated - but everyone else that is a part of the community that we desire to be a part of also misses out. They miss out on YOU. They are starved of your brilliance, your character, and your unique and needed contribution to the community.

It’s your turn. It’s my turn. It’s our turn.