'And God Said…"

Written by Matthew Macaulay | ChattHOP Staff

I think at some point in our lives we all experience a situation or circumstance that we feel powerless to change. It’s in these moments that we realise how small and mortal we are and how our lives represent nothing more than a shallow breath in the vast realms of time and space. I have no doubt that sooner or later we are all faced with an unsolvable problem that no amount of wealth, wisdom or ability can fix. We suddenly understand that all the little things that we wrestle to influence every day are, in fact, very much out of our control.

The realisation that we are most definately not in control is in the long run a good one, even if it’s a hard pill to swallow at first.

When our lives are bent and positioned to worship the One that is in total control and command, we enter into the position that we will be in for eternity.

It’s a posture that is all sustaining and worth assuming as we wait for the answer to our deepest longings, desires, and hopes. In this position I believe the testimony of our lives will be “And God said…”  

I have recently been waiting for a God said moment. It has seemed like it would never come. The deep sense of desperation for something to change and the longing to find peace and assurance that everything was going to be alright seemed to escape my every turn. No matter how capable I felt, I couldn’t make everything right. I was living in this unbearable tension.

But two weeks ago, God said. When God says things, things happen. Darkness becomes light, night becomes day and fear vanishes at the sight of love. To try and explain to you in my own words what happened when God said would be reducing this beautiful eternal mystery to mere mortal temporary conjecture. I’d rather just leave it at.. God said; and my life is a living, breathing testimony of the goodness of his voice.  

For when God said, things that are not become things that are.

We are living and breathing today on the only planet in the universe that contains human beings that exist in a created world that is held together in time and space by the most intricate and perfect design because... God said.

So why when faced with such unsolvable circumstances do we trust more in our ability to worry or search for solutions that don’t exist or hide faith away like it’s something to be ashamed of? 

A word, unless recorded and shown as a wave form, is unseen. We only know it exists because our ears hear it. In the same way, we should surely trust more with the eyes of faith that when God speaks, whatever he speaks becomes a reality and exists.

 Every day that we wake up we can be assured that God has spoken in order for the day ahead to be ordained, therefore we can have total confidence that what he has said is being worked out.

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