You Can Stop Striving Now

ritten by Alec Magnum | ChattHOP Intern


What’s the plan? Where are we going? Why? What am I working toward?

As human beings, we spend too much time questioning ourselves, God, and the very purpose of our lives. Somewhere in the expectations and plans, we lose our sense of childlike confidence. Life becomes a question mark.

What’s the plan, God? What will you make of me?

Our sense of wondering ambition has been squandered by this misconceived idea that our lives will be somehow “figured out” or “found.”

But the motivation of a saint is not founded in self-realization or schemes. The saint is driven by the truth of God’s love and the reality of his perfect will.

Life centered on planning leads to the idolization of work. It glorifies striving rather than faith.

This isn’t at all meant to belittle the pursuit of God’s purpose in our lives. Even Jesus sought his Father for direction on Earth. The call of Jesus’ life was to be the Son of God. Jesus didn’t complete his work to become the Son of God. His work was completed in being the Son of God. God’s plan for his Son was simply that his Son be who he was. The rest came accordingly.

As Christians, we tend to place way too much weight on the word “calling.” The term has an ominous grandeur to it. In many cases, this is positive. Calling is an important element of our walk with God. But we often associate calling with expectations. We must realize that these are two completely different things.

Like Jesus, we have a purpose that is both incredibly simple and infinitely deep. We are called to be us. Those dreams and hopes you had in your youth? They’re not void. Especially in the Presence of God. We need to remember that a sovereign God created us.

So it’s not our job to figure it all out. We’re missing the point when we strive for answers. We are not our own. We are his! And he has called us unto himself, as we are, with our hopes and dreams as well.

Don’t worry so much about which of your dreams are from God, but focus your attention on him, loving him the way he made you to love him—by being you. In intimacy with him, your heart will be molded, purified by his nearness. Place you affections on him, and the longings of your heart will be fulfilled, as his desires become your desires.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
(Psalm 37:4)

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