A Body Without Comparison

Written by Micah Joy Burke ChattHOP Staff

I was in an appointment yesterday, and the sweet and friendly nurse was inquiring how I stay so thin. She started playfully harassing me about my weight and brought in another nurse to join in, saying, “Look at her legs! It just makes me so mad!”

And while I was flattered, there was something deeper going on inside me that I pondered through the night.

Why can’t you just admire me without resenting me?

The ironic thing is that last night as I was watching my new favorite TV show, I caught myself semi-consciously thinking about one of the attractive actresses, why is she so beautiful and I have to work so hard at it? …and I felt frustrated. Why can’t I admire you without resenting you?

Oh… the danger and ugliness of comparison. In sobriety I ponder Satan, once Lucifer, the glorious angel and minstrel of Heaven who was taken down by comparison and desire to be like God. And every day he taunts us with the same, echoing the words he spoke to Eve in the garden… ”if only…” and causing a deep desire for more. More beauty, more power, more knowledge, more skill, more admiration, more, more, more… Discontentment simmers deep within as we observe the success of others, and secret satisfaction as we witness the failures of others.

The irony is, we were created in the image of God. The likeness of GOD… beauty, glory, strength, creativity, abilities, depth, passion, emotion, power, love… what a wonderful God we have been created by and created like.

Satan is not human, he was not created in the likeness of God, yet he whispers the lies to our souls of deep dissatisfaction and want for more power. And somehow we fall for it.

There’s mystery here beyond my understanding; I don’t know how we could possibly be so glorious. And at the same time, I don’t understand how the temptation in the garden created such a fall for humanity. It’s an ongoing temptation to be discontented.

I know the overwhelming feeling of lack. But as I ponder and pray, I think the incompleteness we feel has less to do with our own shortcomings, and more to do with the big picture story – we are meant to be part of a body. Each one of us are created wonderfully and fearfully, as David sung, but we are merely a part. A part of the tapestry of creation, a stone in the wall, a patch of a quilt, a body part.

Together, we are part of something so grand and glorious that only one day will we fully know. We do know, thanks to Paul’s teachings, that we are each a part of the body and are not to envy another’s place on the body. An eye is not meant to resent the hand and its function and strength. A hand is not meant to resent the eye and its colour and sight.

Oh the glory of YOU. The glory of one created with depth and humor and emotions! I want to love you better, to bless your skills and strengths, to care deeply for you when you struggle and call the best out of you when you need encouragement… to admire you without resentment, to seek to see you flourish and fly in the glorious creation of you.