Our Identity

We pursue and delight in the presence of God by unceasing adoration and intercession, with a common desire to help unify the church through focused prayer for our region, as well as offering prayer covering to affect missionary efforts globally.  We live in the constant hope that our city and world will experience wholeness and intimacy in the presence of God.    

Our Community

Micki Ann Harris


The Prayer Room

Micah Joy Burke  Administrative Assistant/Worship Coordinator

  • Micki Ann's Bio

    Micki Ann Harris pinches herself each day to check if having the awesome privilege of serving full time in the House of Prayer is just a dream!!


    Her role at chattHOP is to steward The Prayer Room and care for those who visit or serve within, as well as develop and implement prayer and worship opportunities in the form of sets, classes, training and events.


    She longs to see Jesus continually adored and exalted by His people and to encourage intimacy and dialogue between the Lover and His beloved. Serving as Director of The Prayer Room  allows her to create and participate in opportunities to see these heart desires become a  reality. In addition, Micki Ann has been in the healing prayer ministry for many years and it is her joy to see broken people becoming whole, walking in the redemptive work accomplished through Jesus’ death on the cross.


    When not in the Prayer Room, Micki Ann can be found enjoying her family, nature, a glass of chai and diving deeply into the Scriptures through studying, research and working on a writing-in-progress. Parallel to her enjoyment of the Word is the teaching of it.


    She adores and is completely crazy about her family: best friend and husband, Chuck; daughter -Micah;  and three sons -Conner, Josh and Christian. And don’t get her started in telling you about her first grand-daughter, Eliana....


  •      Micki Ann & The Prayer Room

    In 2005,our family  was introduced to the concept of “the prayer movement” and supported the planting of a House of Prayer where we were living in the East Bay area of Northern California. During one of the meetings at East Bay IHOP, the question was asked: “If money was not an issue and you could serve full time in the House of Prayer, would you?” I stood to my feet realizing a deep heart desire but seeing that it was impossible financially and logistically.

    As we moved to Mobile, Alabama in 2008, some friends gathered to turn our basement into a prayer room. No words can describe my joy in having that set-apart room for the purpose of worship and prayer. We were amazed at how many of our friends and youth desired to spend time there as well. There is just something to be said for a space which is designated only to Communion with Him. As we moved to Tennessee, I grieved over the loss of that little “prayer womb.” Little did I know God was expanding the tent and would set me in the spacious place of The Prayer Room at the Chattanooga House of Prayer. It is my honor and joy to tend to the fire of His Presence and encourage others to add the incense of their worship and prayers to the Flame.

    “May the fire on the altar never go out...”


  •      Micki Ann & Project 29:7

    I am convinced: That which you pray for, you grow to love. Though I have lived in some beautiful cities and have loved many beautiful people; I have never had a heart for a city as I do Chattanooga. I am very concerned for its welfare and I attribute that to the many hours of focused prayer that have taken place in The Prayer Room for our region. God has opened my eyes to the significant and critical role the Church plays in the unfolding of His will and His Kingdom. As Project 29:7 began to be birthed, it was apparent that a vital role of the House of Prayer was to be a strong support and prayer covering for the local church as she unifies and covers our city with day and night prayer. Because of this deep conviction, we have dedicated two of our four current prayer “sets” to this cause -- one for the Church and one for our City.


  •      Micki Ann & Acts 2:47

    There are those who are “sent,” and those who remain at home and yet play a critical role in the advance of His Kingdom.  I know prayer is the “tip of the arrow” which pierces a region and opens it up to the advance of the Gospel. To this end we prayerfully support what God is doing on the earth through Missions. Through prayer, we co-labor with those who are “on the ground.”


    Much of my current experience with the Nations has taken place as I have led a prayer team that supports a world renowned worship artist and his band and support staff - touring the globe and exalting Christ through large worship gatherings. With this prayer team, we have “gone before” and “traveled with” the touring team through “pre-prayering” the way for God’s presence to be ushered in and lives drastically impacted. The collaboration of the touring team and the praying team has been extremely fruitful and we ALL rejoice in the “spoils!”

    “The share (of the plunder) of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle. All will share alike." 1 Samuel 30:24


Micki Ann Harris


The Prayer Room


Micki Ann's  role at chattHOP is to steward The Prayer Room and care for those who visit or serve within, as well as develop and implement prayer and worship opportunities in the form of sets, classes, training and events.

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  • Micah's Bio

    Micah Joy Burke is an administrative assistant and a worship coordinator of sorts. She has known the Lord her whole life but has found that the journey with God always seems to be new and fresh with unexpected surprises.  She has lived in the Chattanooga area for 4 years now. She loves to see others grow in their depth of love for Christ, and finds joy when people have revelations of the glory and grandeur of God which lead to worship. She also knows and has come to love the value of brokenness and seemingly ‘unanointed worship’ - worship throughout the every day, ordinary life.


    Micah is a mom to three year old Eliana, who is a vibrant, expressive, energetic little girl who has depth and love beyond her age. They spend their time doing what normal moms and daughters do...playing, creating, eating, cleaning, working, etc. Micah is grateful that she gets to raise her daughter around an atmosphere like the House of Prayer, with fellow lovers of Jesus.


  •      Micah & The Prayer Room

    Throughout my life, there have been monumental moments where I experienced the Presence of God in powerful ways, starting at age 12.  It was around then that the Lord began working in me a love for worship expressed through music. Beginning to take my love for the Lord and worship from the “prayer closet” out to places like leading worship at youth group, I later attended Bible College at Hillsong College in Australia where I developed tools for taking worship teams along on the worship journey. Since then I have been a part of church plants and various wonderful opportunities. What I value deeply is that having experienced deep pain and loss, I’ve been led to humbly live a life at the foot of the cross, where meeting with Jesus on a daily basis in the “ordinary” day to day life is not optional anymore but it is my sustenance through the challenges of single motherhood and just normal humanity on the earth!

  •      Micah & Project 29:7

    Having been a part of various church communities (AOG, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist), as well as having traveled a bit, I love the diversity of the Body of Christ. Through some painful circumstances in my life, I’ve learned the danger of judging others and creating division over subjects that are not nearly as important as loving one another.  I long to see the Church put aside her differences and really love each other, and function as a healthy body -- keeping the main thing the main thing -- JESUS.

  •      Micah & Acts 2:47

    I love the globe and have a heart for many different countries. With having spent a bit of time overseas and experienced a few different cultures, I’ve seen the importance of a covering of prayer over believers and the work of God in places of darkness where the enemy has held strongholds for generations.  I believe that prayer works, and that it is partnership with God to see His Kingdom come on this earth, and to see His will be done here as it is in Heaven.

Micah Joy Burke

Administrative Assistant/

Worship Coordinator


Micah Joy is chattHOP's administrative assistant and worship coordinator. She has known the Lord her whole life but has found that the journey with God always seems to be new and fresh with unexpected surprises.
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God's call


God planted the vision for Chattanooga’s House of prayer over many years in the hearts of countless intercessors desiring a place to be with God, a place set aside to hear his voice and agree with the longings of his heart through prayer for our city, nation and world. As a result of answered prayer, and with generous support from the Maclellan Foundation, the vision is being realized. 

Come be a part of what God is doing through chattHOP to make known his Presence by drawing together the Body of Christ to bless and transform the city of Chattanooga.


Our Response


We Seek to Continually Be...


- Encountering His Presence

   In dynamic worship-saturated prayer


- Experiencing Unity

   Pouring forth in prayer over our city


- Enhancing Mission

   Interceding for missionaries locally

   and globally

The Ongoing Story


- The Prayer Room

CORE - Citywide Worship high at 200 with 6 colleges and over 30 churches present April 5th


- Project 29:7

Over 40 churches have joined in to pray around 7 spheres of influence in the city for greater Kingdom impact


- Acts 2:47


Prayer for the Inner City prays through Churchville - no physical violence from November 2012 to February 2013


- Renew


CORE Series first friday of every month and Prayer 101 released in 2013


- Restore


Inner Healing testimonies being shared at Restore Devotional Set


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Apostle’s Creed


We believe in God, the Father Almighty,

Creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord,

who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,

born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, died, and was buried;

He descended into hell.

On the third day He rose again;

He ascended into heaven,

He is seated at the right hand of the Father,

and He will come to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

the holy universal church,

the communion of saints,

the forgiveness of sins,

the resurrection of the body,

and the life everlasting.




Board of Directors


Doug Daugherty

David Denmark

Reid Henson

Pastor Michael Obi

David Parker

Charlie Phillips, Chairman

Lynda Tyler